Frequently asked questions

Answers about the registration process


How do I register as a bidder?

Please enter our website and click on the button “Registration” and enter
the required information. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the auction-office which you have to activate and you can start.

After you click on the link to activate it, you can Login into your account. In your account you will find
all the auction foal on which you may bid.

Can I bid without registration?

Yes, you can also bid on your favourite horse with a bidding form on the phone.
Please contact our employees of the Oldenburger Auctions-office.

Answers to the auction and the bidding process

How do I know if I've been outbid?

With the registration you have to enter a valid e-mail address.
You will get an information automatically as soon you have been outbid. The e-mail address cannot be
changed at a later time.

Who can see my data when bidding?

Data protection is very important for us. Therefore nobody will publish and get to know your information or your name during the bidding and at the knock-down. Only the organizer has access to your information so that they can contact you in case of the knock-down. Under no circumstances your information will be forwarded to a third party.

Who can I contact if I have questions about one of the auction candidates?

Please feel free to contact our by phone or e-mail at any time.

Please contact our auction-team per phone or e-mail at any time.
You will find the contact details also on the right side of each auction page.

Whom do I contact for technical questions and problems?

Please contact the Oldenburger Support Team

phone: +49(0)173-7573538 or

via eMail [email protected]

When does the auction end?

On Saturday, May 1st, 2021, starting at 8.00 pm, the auction candidates will be phased out starting with catalogue number 1.
Catalogue number 2 at 8.03 pm, catalogue number 3 at 8.06 pm and so on.

After the auction

Which bid decides the end of the auction?

The Online-Auction will end Saturday, May 1st as of 8:00 pm. The end of the auction of each sporthorse / foal prolonged automatically for another 5 minutes after the last bid. The auction of catalogue #1 would end at 8:00 pm. If for example a new bid would come in at 7:58 pm, the end of the auction will be postponed till 8:05 pm, etc. The auction for every foal ends as soon as there will be no higher bid within the last 5 minutes

How will I get informed about the knock-down?

Directly after the end of the auction of each foal/sporthorse/stallion, you will get a letter to the listed e-mail address.

How does the payment work?

The day after the auction we will contact you concerning the invoicing and the payment.
You will receive the invoice to the listed e-mail address.

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